It is do or die time for short term vacation rentals
write your representative before May 3rd, 2019

Take Action on Vacation Rentals!

HB 987 passed all its Committees in the House and can come up for a vote at any time until the end of the legislative session on May 3. If you want to help defeat this bill and the potential resurrection of SB 824 then you have to take action now.

Email and phone the following Broward Representatives who supported or did not oppose HB 987 and tell them your vacation rental stories. Ask them to vote against HB 987 and protect your property rights to peace and quiet and safety in your neighborhood. You could say this and add then your own vacation rental stories:

“I urge you to oppose HB 987 preempting the regulation of vacation rentals. The property rights of residents to peaceful enjoyment and safety in their homes is more important than the ability of commercial interests to turn neighborhoods into hotel districts.”

Representative Evan Jenne
Representative Ana Maria Rodriguez
Representative Anika Tene Omphroy

You can also email and phone the following Legislators who opposed HB 987 and tell them to keep up the good work. You could say this and add a personal thank you.

“Thank you for your support of home rule regulations of vacation rentals. Residents have the right to peaceful enjoyment and safety in their homes and neighborhoods.”

Representative Chip LaMarca
Representative Bobby DuBose
Senator Perry Thurston Jr.
Senator Gary M Farmer Jr